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Calgary Towing Tips



Professional and skilled as we may be, there are still things you can do to help a Surprise calgary towing services.  Take note of these do’s and don’ts to get the best of the situation.Pull Over
If you only have flat tires, then pull over on a shoulder along the road.  This will keep the road clear for other motorists while you wait for help.  An overheated engine should also be dealt with in the same manner, except you need to turn off the engine.

Towing Services -Turn The Engine Off And Get Out

If you are stuck in a ditch and the engine is still running, turn it off.  There may be unseen damage to fuel or oil lines, so it is best to cut power to the engine.  Also, get out of the vehicle and find some shade.  Staying in the car is not advisable, because it might slip further or roll over, trapping you within. Help the local Calgary Emergency towing services driver 

Emergency towing tips

We understand that you would not call a towing Surprise without good reason, but it would certainly help if you could tell us the damage.  Take note of impact areas, oil or fuel leaks, and radiator damage.  These require special tools to make the car safe for towing or use, so it would help to know so we can bring only what is needed.

RoadSide assistance

Make sure you know the weight of your vehicle on a full fuel tank.  If you are carrying anything of significant weight in the car, add that to your weight estimate.  We provide towing emergencies for many people, so having this information can help us assign the right tow vehicle.
No Riding In Vehicles Being Towed
In keeping with maintaining safety excellence and making our mark as a Surprise towing, we will not allow you to ride inside a vehicle that is being towed.  It is not very dangerous so to speak, but it is uncomfortable at all.

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