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What are the Dangers Related to Food Allergy Testing?



If you have noticed that there are certain foods that cause you discomfort, you are most likely suffering from food allergy. There are times when what you’re feeling could not be food allergy but food intolerance, since the symptoms are quite similar. However, the latter is not as severe and a serious case compared to the former. Food allergies affect anyone. Although it is very common among children, adults are also affected by it. Most people take the anti-histamine medicine that will eliminate the symptoms right away since it can be quite dangerous when it goes further on. Yet, how does a person know they are allergic to certain foods? The most common symptoms are that are likely similar to food intolerance. It is triggered when the immune system of the body has mistaken the proteins found in the food as a threat. Which is why it releases chemicals that does introduce and trigger a food allergy. Food intolerance, on the other hand, is simply the body not in good terms with the food that you just ate. It is likely the cause of bacteria that is not friendly with your digestive system, hence most people feel stomach pain with it. Food allergy has a diverse list of symptoms that can lead to anaphylaxis when not May want to consult and Calgary Naturopath for food allergy testing 


The most effective and natural way of preventing food allergies is by conducting a food allergy testing. There are several ways that you can test yourself whether or not that you are allergic to certain foods. However, most people just rely on observing foods that trigger the allergic reaction by keeping a diary about it. There are food allergy tests that are offered to people to make sure whether or not they have food allergy. The following names are those that are not proven to be very effective in bringing results. One of them is the NuTron Tests. The Nutron Tests study about the changes of the white blood cells that are believed to take place in the existence of particular allergens. Such tests were proven to have delivered unreliable results. It doesn’t even have anything to do with food allergens, either. It means that there is no scientific proof that support using such a test in the diagnosis for food allergies. There are other tests, too such as Applied Kinesiology, Cytotoxic Assay Tests, IgG Testing, Electrodermal Test and the Patch Test.


So how do you make sure that you are not going to have any food allergy again. Like it was said above, you only need to observe how your body reacts when you eat food. However, since there are certain foods that you are likely to avoid now, you should seek a consultation with the naturopathic doctors and especially a nutritionist. Your body will be missing essential vitamins that may only be taken from the foods that you have taken out of your usual diet. You will need to plan the correct way as you shop for food that you are going to replace the once avoided food.

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